Athena Leadership Principles

Athena Baltimore Metro embraces these principles as we strive to develop and support strong women leaders in community, career and all aspects of life.


We Live Authentically

We fully know and stay true to the core and substance that defines each of us as a person. We are faithful to our values and always act with integrity. We are honest, genuine and approachable in our interactions.

Leaders know their values and remain true to them.


We Learn Constantly

We must challenge ourselves to be open to
new and unfamiliar ideas, continually expanding and developing our knowledge, skills and experiences.  And we must always honor and fulfill the teacher-learner relationship.

Leaders seek knowledge.


We Advocate Fiercely

With respect and compassion for others, we act as a force for good that will not be stopped or deterred. We have passion and an inner fire for issues we champion. Our quest is for a just and humane society.

Leaders champion what they believe is right.

We Act Courageously

We possess the courage to speak the truth, test relationships and confront traditional thinking. We embrace the necessity for initiating change and we comprehend and accept the risks that go with it. We stand up and we stand firm.

Leaders dare.


We Foster Collaboration

We reach out beyond what we can achieve on our own and promote a powerful belief in others. We create conditions that invite and encourage people to develop and contribute their own gifts.

Leaders welcome others to the world of leadership.

We Build Relationships

We venture beyond ourselves to accept and connect with others. We appreciate the talents and gifts that different individuals offer and we possess the resolve and skills to know, invite and embrace others.

Leaders engage, empower, and trust.


We Give Back

We are devoted to serving our colleagues,
community and the world. We recognize that through service we are renewed and
revitalized. We contribute to changing society for the greater good.

Leaders serve.

We Celebrate

We come together to mark important occasions or special accomplishments. We take pleasure in our shared human experiences. We embrace life with exuberance and look forward with a sense of hope and purpose.

Leaders remember and rejoice.

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