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Baltimore Metro Affiliate Chapter

Baltimore Metro Affiliate Chapter

As a female executive director, I had oftentimes wondered if there really was such a thing as women’s leadership vs. leadership in general. And then I became aware of ATHENA International – an organization focused on developing, honoring and supporting women leaders. As I engaged with the 8 principles that provide the foundation, it became clear that there are indeed a set of action-oriented skills that women are uniquely poised to utilize as they go about the challenging, yet rewarding work of effectively leading in all of the personal and professional arenas we decide to show up in. My decision to start an affiliate chapter in the Baltimore area was rooted in a commitment to practice the principles in my own life. It also seemed important to create opportunities to fulfill ATHENA’s mission locally. I hope that you will join me in this endeavor and become a founding member of ATHENA Baltimore Metro.

Elizabeth A. Thompson, Ph.D.

About ATHENA International™

In 1982 Martha Mayhood Mertz began a legacy of cultivating women leaders by honoring the first ATHENA Award recipient in Lansing, MI. Martha created the award after realizing that women in her community were not seen as leaders. She believed that every community had women leading behind the scene. The purpose of the ATHENA Leadership Award was to publicly acknowledge the strengths and contributions of women as leaders within their local community.

Since the first award in 1982, ATHENA International™, a non profit organization, has honored approximately 7,000 individuals in 500 communities and 8 countries with ATHENA Leadership Awards. These individuals are committed to their profession, their community and to helping other women achieve their full leadership potential. They embody the attributes of the ATHENA Leadership Model ~ Being Authentic; Building Relationships; Collaborating with Others; Being Courageous; Advocating Fiercely; Constantly Learning; Giving Back and Celebrating.

ATHENA honors the highest level of professional excellence coupled with the values of giving back and the responsibility for opening leadership opportunities for others. Honoring successful women in business encourages others to both envision and strive for their highest potential. The long-term vision is to achieve a balance in the voices of leadership.

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Regular events allow Athena members to share and grow their knowledge. We collaborate on Chapter projects that advance and support women as respected leaders in community, business and philanthropy.

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